full android smartwatch apps 2021

full android smartwatch apps 2021

The SmartWatch can now use the SmartWatch application. SmartWatch watch device can now connect to SmartPhone. Use the Android widgets and SmartWatch Screen on Smartphone (Watch screen and Notification). Change watch face using the Android widget.

Watch face of SmartWatch App. Use SmartWatch Data to update SmartWatch App. Use SmartWatch Data to schedule activity in Smartwatch App. Watch Battery Saver or Stop Motion Motion when not connected to Smartphone. Enter data to Calendar application with SmartWatch Data. Show Date of Birth on SmartWatch App (Metadata) Control Home Activity with SmartWatch App. Show Calendars and Events. Power off Android smartphone by SmartWatch App.

Change brightness, camera settings and volume of Android smartphone. When the SmartWatch is connected to SmartPhone using Bluetooth Smart you can also control Home Activity. Camera Settings. Look for nearby car and gas stations with the GPS App. Go to Home Activity screen by using SmartWatch App. Turn off and open apps. Change brightness of Android smartphone.

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