Apple introduced the iPad

Apple introduced the iPad

When Apple introduced the iPad 2 in April,there was a flurry of claims that the iPad’s features had hit a wall, rendering the device irrelevant as a standalone device. One of the most prominent, in fact, was a recent article in Wired’s technology section entitled, “Just Buy the Real Tablet.” This is actually a hotly debated topic, and industry figures like Scott Moffitt, president of Rethink Technology, argued in his own recent tech industry blog post that, yes, for sure, the tech industry needs more models of consumer tech to drive innovation, but the tech industry doesn’t need an iPad.

In the Wired piece, Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s founder and CEO, was quoted as calling his tablet the best consumer device on the market. In Moffitt’s article, published this week, however, the tech exec digs deep and argues that just because Apple is the biggest tech company in the world doesn’t mean it’s the biggest consumer electronics brand in the world. “Apple wants to lead consumer electronics like any other technology company,” Moffitt writes. “But if it claims leadership in the field, it also invites the debate that you may be better off buying a PC than an iPad for computing, or just making a Chromebook to provide

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